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People have been wondering about the wildlife in and around the airpark.

Eagle Roosters have seen deer, javalinas, roadrunners, rabbits, bobcats, badgers, a whole menagerie of desert wild life.




Some can be spotted at night with trail cameras as shown here.










Bob Cat

This little pussy cat showed up outside the Fowler's back door.
Searching for food? Sweet and innocent looking, but deadly.



Deer feeding in Huwes back yard. Even a Fox shows up at times.

Wild Burrows

Wild Donkeys

These two were rescued when their mother was found dead in the desert. Wild donkeys can be seen when venturing out into the desert.

A whole family of Javalina

Near sundown they appeared in the Huwe's back yard.

Jim & Elaine Fowler found
these humming bird nests.
Also the elusive German Ostrich