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Board Members (2018 - 2019)
*** Offices to be Assigned ***

Vice President




** Newly Elected in Bold **

George Bartley 928-685-4593
Jay Daly 480-205-8655
Shirl Dickey 602-571-2839
Greg Gregory 928-258-0764
Monroe McDonald 928-671-1885
Matt Peterson 928-258-0122
Janet Riffle 928-685-2261
Craig Spetman 712-838-0731
Harlan Weissenborn 928-685-2539

Eagle Roost Management, Inc.
PO Box 787
Aguila AZ 85320

Members with CPR Certification
Linda Felland685-4241
Jenna Gregory712-370-0167
Martha Home928-231-9500
Gordon Jelm928-231-9600
Kay Kraus685-4655
Dave & Denise Mundy685-3949

Valley of the Eagle with CPR Certification

Lee & Carolyn Jones685-3083
Carol Zimmerman685-4707

Fire/Emergency: 928-685-2300      Maricopa Sheriff: 1-602-876-1011